10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Heating System

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  3. 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Heating System

You can hobble along with a less than perfectly functioning heating system for quite a while. Maybe you merely have some annoying issues like a chattering gas valve, an old pilot light that won’t stay lit, a noisy blower motor or filters that don’t seem to fit exactly right. As you get through each New England winter, you breathe a sigh of relief and turn your attention to your cooling system needs. There is a time however; that you need to seriously consider replacement of your heating system and here are 10 good reasons to do so:

  1. Efficiency. Did you know that older gas furnaces can shoot 50 percent of their heat up the chimney? They were constructed when gas was even cheaper than it is today and efficiency wasn’t important. With the tight budgeting that has become pervasive since the recession of 2008; you need to consider the installation of a modern heating system.
  2. Rebates. There a good number of rebates available from both government and private sources that will greatly assist you in funding the cost of your new energy efficiency heating system.
  3. Instant Boost in Your Property Value. If a prospective buyer knows that your home has a new heating system, they will be more apt to consider your property over others with old and creaky furnaces.
  4. Tax credits. Local state and federal agencies all offer excellent tax credit programs that you can utilize to save serious dollars when you upgrade your system.
  5. Lose the Bulky Furnace/Boiler! Get a combination (two in one) tank-less domestic water heater and boiler is an excellent heating method and in addition to lower utility costs and a toasty home in the winter, your new system can also provide an efficient AC unit for summer use.
  6. Safety. Cracked furnace heat exchangers can cause life-threatening issues. Replacement eliminates those worries for years.
  7. Space. Old furnaces can take up a lot of space. New heating systems like the Hi-Velocity system is a lot less invasive and can be squeezed into smaller quarters and you will gain valuable square footage.
  8. Peace of Mind. Get a new heating system and you’ll have a fresh warranty and no fear of out-of-pocket repair expenses for quite a while.
  9. New Thermostat. Your new system will come with a new programmable thermostat that will save you even more money.
  10. Even heat. If your home environment is troubled because some rooms are hot and others are cold, a new system can remedy this situation.

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