How to Avoid Spending Your Retirement Money on Winter Heating

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  3. How to Avoid Spending Your Retirement Money on Winter Heating

When winter draws near, seniors become more concerned about the cost of staying warm. Thankfully, saving money on heating isn’t as difficult as it may first seem.

1. Improve Your Heating Efficiency

If your domestic heating equipment is aging, its efficiency will be severely impacted. Even if you haven’t experienced any major mechanical problems, old heating equipment will be considerably less efficient than modern equivalents.

Consider replacing an aging oil tank with a modern, high-efficiency gas heating system, and ensure that any boilers and tanks are in good condition.

2. Monitor Your Usage

If you don’t feel the benefit of your heating system, it could be due to environmental factors. Experts believe that turning your thermostat down by just two degrees could cut your heating bills by six percent.

Remember: you don’t need to switch on your heating when you’re not at home, and you can turn your thermostat down overnight. Make good use of thermostat timers and automation so that your home is only heated while you’re using it.

3. Consider Your Environment

If parts of your home receive a good dose of sunlight through the day, make sure your curtains are open wide to allow your home to warm naturally. As soon as the sun goes down, close the curtains to keep the heat in.

Ensure large items that may absorb warmth and prevent good air circulation don’t obstruct sources of heat. In rooms with external doors, you should make sure there are no gaps between the door and its frame. Ask a professional contractor or handy-man to install door sweepers to close the gap.

Finally, if you have a chimney, always use the damper to keep heat inside the room when you’re not using the fireplace.

4. Take Time to DIY

The next time you have a spare weekend, plan some do-it-yourself maintenance to improve your heating efficiency. Replace your shower head so that you use less water, and then wrap your water heater in a warm jacket to stop it from losing heat. Caulk is very inexpensive, but it’s great at blocking troublesome openings in frames where heat seeps out and cold air blows in.

5. Invest In a Service Plan

Servicing your heating system isn’t a luxury: it should be part of the ongoing maintenance plan of your home. By taking out a heating service contract, you can prevent serious problems before they occur. Servicing also allows professionals to identify likely failings in your heating system and replace worn-out components before they break down.

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