If you want to shave some dollars off your home heating bill this winter a programmable thermostat may do the trick. It’s been proven that turning the thermostat back over night while you sleep and during the day when you are at work can save you money. The trick is making sure that you set the thermostat properly so that when you wake up in the morning or return home from work the house is comfortable.

Nest Labs has come up with an elegant solution for this problem in the form of a ‘thinking mans’ thermostat that is Wi-Fi connected to your homes internet and takes into consideration your patterns while home and away in addition to the weather outside. All of these factors help the intelligent thermostat to properly set the temperature in the home based on your preferences and usage. To say that it’s smart is an understatment. If you have an iPhone you can download an application that will allow you to control the thermostat from work or wherever you happen to be. You can override settings or let the thermostat run it’s natural course. The digital screen shows red when the temperature is increasing and blue when it’s going down in addition the thermostat will let you know that you are economical with your temperature settings by showing you little green leaves on the screen.

It’s not the cheapest of options at $245 but if you do a cost benefit analysis you can determine how long it will take for you to make your money back by paying less in energy costs. This product is cutting edge and definitely worth a closer look.

“It’s the simplest way to save money without spending a lot of money. These units can be installed and configured in about an hour.” Harry Basey, owner of Climatech Services, LLC.